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You won't be after the next episode of Soap.

9/4/13 11:02 pm - Stephanie Santos

PROMPT: Breakdown
Pairing: Jodie/Dennis
Summary: An alternate scene following Jodie punching Dennis.
Notes: I had to write for Jodie, because my goodness, there couldn't have been anything cuter than Billy Crystal in the 70's. Also, I think we know that if this show hadn't been made in the 70's, Dennis and Jodie would have overcome the drama with Carol and stayed together. I'd also like to think they would have found each other again in Season Five, but that's another story.
Rating: PG-13 for violence and descriptive acts leading up to sex.

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9/3/13 06:59 pm - Stephanie Santos

I've written the story, but as I'm brand new to LiveJournal, I don't know how to post it the way the rest of you do, with the "Read More" link so that it doesn't take up too much space. If someone could you instruct me how to do that, I'd appreciate it.

9/3/13 05:15 pm - Stephanie Santos - Could it be...Soap Fan Fiction?!

Yes! Not only could it be, but it is! I discovered Soap a few months ago and I'm h-o-o-k-e-d. Great stuff, everyone! I haven't wrote fan fiction for anything over a decade, but I'm inspired to write a Jodie/Dennis story, and I've got the feeling the inspiration won't stop needling at me till I do, so expect something (hopefully good) from me soon.

7/2/11 12:48 am - fantasysci5 - Newbie

Hey there! I'm sure this community is dead by now, but I just started watching "Soap" on a local TV station, and it's the best thing I've seen in a long time. It's so fresh and laugh-out-loud funny. I really feel an obsession coming on, and my favorite character is Jodie, although Jessica's obliviousness is hilarious, Benson's attitude, Chuck's brashness and Danny's protectiveness for his "little brother". I really love the Danny/Jodie friendship, and the Bert/Jodie. I'm thinking of writing a pretty sad fan fiction revolving around the time of Jodie's suicide attempt, although no death. Although if no one else is around, it's almost why bother. His suicide attempt hit pretty close to home, though, and I really want to writ about what happens after. I've only seen most of the first season, and I'm a bit scared of what I'm hearing, that Jodie gets with a girl/has a child...0.0 I might stop watching before that, because I just don't get that. But yeah. :)

2/13/08 07:53 am - octopusouphut - Burt's Bat Makes a Comback?

I know the community is dead again...but this made news and reminded me of the 4th season when Burt stops the Mob with the bat:

Just thought I'd share :D

12/26/07 07:55 am - usedusername

PAIRING: Jodie/Maggie
Rating: Around Pg-13, naked people.
Summary: Jodie and Maggie discuss his homosexuality after sleeping together. And Maggie and Jodie hook up.
Notes: Halfway through season four. I don't know that I like Maggie, but I suppose she'll probably improve.
Word count: 825ish

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12/25/07 04:40 pm - usedusername

Merry Christmas everybody!

I got SOAP, season four, just a wee bit late (but then, the season aired in '81, I don't think two more years will make a difference). I'm dreading watching it, though, because it seems like it will mess the bejeebers out of the characters I actually like; but I guess that's what happens when you read the episode guide before the show itself.

However, poor endings really screw up shows for me; I can go from loving it to hating it.

SO, anyway. Give each of the following 1-10 stars: (my rating is beside the three seasons I've seen)

Season one: 9.5 stars
Season two: 8 stars
Season three: 7.5/8 stars (didn't care as greatly for the season, but I adore some of Billy Crystal's acting and it had some great lines)
Season four: N/A

12/23/07 10:15 pm - usedusername

Notes: All right. I've edited and posted this for the third time now. I've liked it, but am not ever completely happy with it, because I always notice something that's weird after I post it. But the fact is, I think that'll always be that way with this. So, I'm letting it go. KIND OF.

Instead of just deleting and reposting, I'm going to call this a WORK IN PROGRESS Which means no flaming just yet. So this won't be deleted again. I'm done. I'm sorry for deleting it so often.
Word count: Around 3,000 now.
Rating: PG.
Characters: Burt, Mary, Jodie, mention of Danny
EDIT! Peter lives. No reason, I just forgot to kill him.

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12/23/07 09:34 pm - usedusername

How long had Burt and Mary been 'involved' prior to the beginning of the series?

Had they been able to sleep with each other at all? It seems odd that out of the blue Burt would see Johnny's face when trying to sleep with Mary. Or did they get married six months previous and hadn't slept with each other before then?

Also, a cool SOAP site:


Particularly the 'Points of Interest' category. Nicely brought up items.

12/23/07 07:39 pm - usedusername

Summary: Jodie and Mary discuss a baby phase a little. Very little. Very, very little. It helps anyway.
Rating: Gish, vague reference to a broken bone.
Notes: Hard to explain a house I'm talking of where you could leap into leaves without fatally wounding yourself, but between sloping roofs and raised ground, it can be done.
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